5 Must have apps for every Mortgage Professional By Brett McDonell

February 20, 2017


Much like everyone else in the world today I use my iphone as a camera, computer, phone, means of entertainment, newspaper, book, and many other things that smart phones have digitized and demonetized, but I also use it for work and it has done everything from save deals through ease of communication, helped expand my network through easy access to social networks and allowed me to respond to clients loan requests while out of the office with nothing but a cell phone in record time. Let’s take a look at some of the necessities that every Mortgage Professional must have.

1. Realtor.com App

As a Mortgage Professional, it is critical to know your local real estate market, any true professional should know roughly the average $/square foot, average selling prices, average days on the market and which Realtors farm which areas, this app helps you stay in the know so you can best advice your purchase clients and have intimate knowledge about your Realtor partners farms and what’s going on.

Another great way to use the app to grow your network is to use it to locate open houses on the weekends and visit the Realtors in your target market. You can run a search right from your phone on Friday to see which open houses will be around, then you can make finance flyers and be ready to visit new and existing agents on the weekend while your competition is sitting on the couch.

Another variation of use for this app would be to locate people selling their home, not many people that need a mortgage more than someone who is actively selling their home and likely preparing to buy a new one. Get a daily email sent to you for people selling their homes, cross reference the address on a title site to get their names and send them a mailer or if you’re a real sales superstar go knock on their door.

Similar apps to consider: Redfin, Zillow and Trulia


2. Mortgage Calculator and Proposal Generator: Easy Mortgages – Mortgage Calculator – Free

Technology has allowed sales professionals to work anywhere in the world, anytime. This is great news for Mortgage Professionals as that means we can be out in the field meeting new referral partners and soliciting new business without being chained to our desks like we were just 10 years ago. With new apps that allow us to calculate basic loan options and even more complex options we can deliver rates quotes, loan options and other critical complex information faster than ever before, possible even faster than if we were at our desks. This is a must have for any Mortgage Professional as it allows you to work anywhere, anytime. A great example of this was while sitting at an open house with an agent partner a potential buyer walked in and was asking about proposed payments on the house, before he walked out of the open house I had emailed him a complete proposal…. Loan Options on Demand!


3. Linkedin App

Linkedin can be an incredible resource for identifying possible referral partners, learning details about them and their business model, locating possible  “connectors” and positioning yourself however you choose. Linkedin has become the online, living, breathing resume of business professionals in virtually every industry and every country. You’re a nobody if you don’t have at least a basic linkedin profile. That said, if you do not have a Linkedin profile, get one asap!  If you do have a profile and it looks like shit, that’s even worse, that shows you do not care about your online image or your business isn’t taken serious enough to promote it. Fill out your LinkedIn profile thoroughly, have a quality professional image and make sure you detail what makes you unique as best you can. You should be actively engaged with your network, post about topics your network will find helpful, interesting and better yet engaging. Regularly endorse people in your network, leave testimonials for people you have done business with, ask for testimonials (better yet just leave someone a testimonial that you want a testimonial from and because of the laws of reciprocity, they will likely do just that). Add 1-5 contacts every day that could help your business, then find a way to help them or add value to their business in some way and begin building a business relationship.

I use Linkedin to research new clients prior to my calls to gather info that can help me establish rapport and identify areas of similarity. I also use Linkedin extensively to gather info on new referral partners such as CPA’s, CFP’s and other financial professionals.


4. Evernote

Evernote is the go to notes app that allows you to organize all your take over the world ideas, store all your passwords, create various lists, capture images and add them to notes. I use evernote daily, I use it just as much for personal use as I do business. Even if you prefer analog note taking like me on real paper, you can write your notes as normal and then snap an image of the notepad and add it to the master file in evernote. This is the only app on my phone that I “paid” for, it’s that important and makes my life that much easier. They do have a free version, but I quickly exceeded the maximum storage for the free version.


5. Rate Watch

Knowing what interest rates are doing at all hours of the day is critical, especially in a time of heavy market volatility. With rate alerts setup to remind you of the market happenings and possible increases or decreases, you will never lose a deal to not locking a rate in time again. The best part of all is that it’s like having a member of your team constantly monitoring the secondary market to alert you of issues or opportunities without having to check and worry about what rates are doing. I use the rate watch associated with Mortgage Coach, but there are a lot of options out there, get whichever one you like best.


Here is a screenshot of my personal phone with all the apps I use for business purposes. 

What apps do you use in your mortgage practice that you can’t live without?