Here are some of the worksheets and tools I have had created and use in my own personal mortgage practice that I feel can help you in yours.

40 Proven Ways To Get a Loan Today E-Book: 

This book will help you fill your pipeline fast by detailing proven strategies that can be implemented TODAY!

The Ultimate Loan Officer To Do List: 

The Ultimate MLO to do list (fillable and printable): Download the Ultimate MLO to do list and start working smarter. Using the Ultimate MLO to do list you will grow your network, focus on money making priorities, refer more people and be more gracious just to name a few.

The Value Xtractor Worksheet: 

The Value Xtractor Worksheet: Never listen to another podcast, read another book or attend another educational workshop without using the MBU Value Xtractor worksheet to get the most out of everything. This worksheet was made to maximize your learning and extract the most actionable and impactful brain food from everything you do.

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