Hi Brett,

I’m listening to podcast #30 and you mentioned the Score Sheet which I think is brilliant.

Thank you for these other resources. I am loving your podcast! So much actionable content, it’s awesome, thank you!


~ Chris Nielsen

RPM Mortgage

Brett, I am enjoying your Podcast and would love a copy of the questionnaire you mentioned in podcast #11.

Thanks in advance.


~ Tony Dunn

Hey Brett,

I have listened to your podcasts and wanted to reach out to you to first of all say thank you for producing such good content. I am looking forward to your book when it comes out.


~ Charles Baxter – Fairway


I just found your podcast and I really like it!!! Podcast #11 talks about a two page questionnaire and I would really like to see that


~ Kristie Shore – C & F Mortgage Corp

Hey, Brett!  Thanks for doing some much for our industry. Impressed with you and hour work especially your willingness to assist.  Thank you again.


~ Brad McGuirt – New Dominion Bank


I really enjoy the MBU Podcast, thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am transitioning from a career as a sales professional in the emergency medical supply field to LO, and crushing it at both jobs means I need to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your podcast has benefited me in both worlds. Thanks and keep up the great work!


~ Shawn Freeman – Seacoast Mortgage Corp.


Great podcast.  I’ve seen your name in the marketplace for some time. Exciting to see your new project.


~ Darren McLellan – Backbay Funding


Hi Brett,


New to the industry and your podcast. Thought I’d reach out. Thanks for the great content you’re putting out there!


~ David Hooper – Federal Savings Bank



I am listening to your podcasts. Thanks so much for doing them! I get something great out of each one of them. Thank you for your willingness to share this. There are so many new LOs that need you (and some “old dogs” too)!


~ Cathy Ortega Contreras – Equity Resources

Came across your podcast and really enjoyed the episode with Art Sobczak, great interview!


~ Christian – Pursuing Results

Good morning Brett!

First of all, thanks for your podcast and the materials on your website – I appreciate the rich content! Thanks again for MBU! Thanks again for your time and great insights!  Really appreciated!


~ Tim

Hi Brett,

I’m a huge fan of your podcasts and am interested in knowing about your two page client questionnaire and any other Scripts you may use.


~ Brendan Moh – Alpine Mortgage


I have been a mortgage banker for a large bank for 6 months.  I want to grow my business and not just depend on the bankers.  I am going to try your strategies.   I’ll let you know how it goes!


~ Thanks, Renee Hauge

Hello Brett,

I just landed on your incredible podcast and heard that you would be willing to share your client questionnaire provided I email you for it. Take care and continue the great work on your podcast!


~ Ian Stockman – GMH Mortgage Services

Hello Brett – Thank you for the wonderful webinar earlier this week.


~ Amy Froehlich – Community Funding

Hey Brett – Love your podcast and all the information you share. I am interested in being coached by you.


~ Daniel Perez – Broker Daniel

Hi Brett,

Thanks for your podcasts, they are very helpful.


~ Matt Johnson – Fairway

Hey Brett, I feel like your podcast is life changing. I have only been a loan officer for a year and I only got turned onto your podcast yesterday. I know you are busy but wanted to say thanks again. You sent me your questionnaires last week and they have worked great. I just left an awesome 5 star review for your podcast, so I hope that appears soon.


~ Dallas Goodlet – North American Savings Bank

Hi Brett,

I shared your podcast with my new branch manager and he is checking into it. We do weekly team meetings every Tuesday and I suggested that we listen to an episode each meeting and brainstorm from that. He loved the idea. Let me know if there are any ways I can help you as a listener!


~ Braden Thibodeaux

Hi Brett,

Thanks for your podcasts, they are very helpful.


~ Matt Johnson – Fairway

Hello Brett,

Daily listener to your podcast started implementing this tactic a few times with my rate shoppers its defiantly allowing me to regain strength in the conversation with Clients.


~ Art Swain

Hey Brett!

My name is Wes Horbatuck and I am the Business Services Manager here at Compass Analytics.  I have recently started listening to your podcast and I think you have a lot to offer to the Mortgage Banking world.


~ Wes Horbatuck – Compass Analytics

Thanks Brett. Brett I really like your podcasts.   I just gave you 5 stars.


~ Marc Reich

Hi Brett,

I have listened to a few of your podcasts and will be happy to leave a testimonial. I have roughly 30 loan officers and am starting to share your podcasts with them.. I am looking at supplying good content to the sales staff –but I have to get them listening to PODCASTS


~ Brian D’Amico – President / New Fed Mortgage

Hi Brett,

I’ve started listening to your podcast, it’s been great.  I went to your site to check out the free E-book. Thank you and keep it up with the podcast, great info!


~ Chad McDowell

Hey Brett,

I enjoyed listening to your podcast: #11 Winning over rate shoppers.


~ John Ragland – Supreme Lending

Brett:   Thank you very much for sharing your e-book.   I am subscribed to your podcast which I totally enjoy.   I am in the process of joining a mortgage company and your information has been very helpful. As I mentioned on my review…Thanks for helping me become successful.


~ Elizabeth Lindgren

Hey Brett,

I was checking out your site and there’s a lot of great info. Thank you for the content.


~ Richard Hartnett – Paramount Equity Mortgage

Hey Brett,

I’m actually a brand new loan officer.  I work at a family owned 14 branch bank in Texas. Another new (but experienced) loan officer told me about a different podcast she recommended.  While searching for it I found yours.  Your philosophy is on par with how I see myself going after referrals.  Please keep at it!


~ Dan Andreas – SouthStar Bank

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