Welcome to Mortgage Banker University

Welcome to Mortgage Banker University, an organization passionate and focused on providing mortgage sales professionals with the most innovative, game-changing and breakthrough marketing and sales strategies in the industry.

My name is Brett McDonell, I am a career mortgage banker since 2002, full time outside the box thinker and obsessed with innovating and optimizing mortgage sales and marketing. I started Mortgage Banker University to create a culture of mortgage excellence, collaborate with like-minded mortgage professionals and share ideas & strategies so that you can learn faster, generate more leads, get more referrals, add more value and close more loans!

If you’re sick and tired of outdated mortgage sales & marketing strategies, we’ll provide bold, hard-hitting and creative ways to help you differentiate yourself from competition, generate more leads, increase your referrals and crush your goals.

I have held nothing back in creating Mortgage Banker University from the podcast episodes, blog posts to my proprietary worksheets and optimization tools. I have done my absolute best to deliver the goods. I welcome you to start absorbing all the content we have to offer and more importantly start implementing these ideas and strategies into your business.

Lastly – It is my sincere hope that our site and my passion to bring you the very best ideas, strategies and tools to help grow your business will open your eyes to new possibilities, shatter your conventional thinking and positively change the way you run your business.

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